Reconnect to your
“personal life path”

In person

The Reconnection® reconnects you to your “personal life path”, which becomes more and more clear in your consciousness during the months that follow.

The session

COST : €333
Two sessions -spaced 24 hours apart- and only once in your lifetime.

You will find you are more intuitive, more « awake » in making your decisions. Often your talents will become more apparent, becoming stronger – gifts which may have lain dormant for a long time and are now “reawakened”.

At times we are living a personal life or work situation which does not « resonate ». After a Reconnection the person will often feel an increased desire to change these situations. Often these situations have been tolerated for too long and have now become “imperative to change” – quickly. In this instance you will find the courage and strength you didn’t have before.

You may feel compelled to : Go back to school, change your job, move house – all with a positive energy necessary for your own personal happiness. The Reconnection helps remind you who you are: light, love, peace and joy.

The Reconnection activates new axational lines to connect you to the earth’s energy grid, parallel dimensions and to the source. It is a reconnection to the Universe.

Practical Information

  • I am a member of the AFPLR (l’Association Française de Praticiens de la Reconnexion) and follow the method & teachings as taught by Eric Pearl and adhere to the ethical chart,
  • I propose sessions in English and French,
  • No information will be recorded, filmed or published without your advance permission and your privacy & anonymity guaranteed.


Please note I make no recommendation, promise or guaranty. Nor do I make any disagnostic or prognosis, and I treat no particular health issue. Your medical treatment and your health monitoring remains your responsability. Even if you inquire about alternative methods, that are not recognised, do not wait to make an appointment with your medical practitioners who they alone can take charge of your diagnosis and treatment. These sessions I propose do not in any way subsistute the advice or treatment provided by health professionals.


“Each moment has its glory, each day wakes us even more, each being propels us…
towards the immensity of our heart”