Come learn this ancient art to better understand
yourself and help others on their path.

In person or online

As a medium I developed the ability to connect to the universe for messages and readings with the Tarot for over 25 years.

The session

Cost : €245 • Duration: 2 days (14h)
(Tarot Rider Waite cards included)

As we learn the signification of each card, I will show you how to connect with your intuition so as to feel the deep messages contained within.

We will practice doing readings and connect to the universe with your guides, discussing the messages you receive.

The course will take place over 2 consecutive days (or a half-day once a week for 4 weeks if you prefer), in Cahors only), from 9h00 to 17h30.

Each participant will be given a small booklet I have put together.

Practical Information

  • To reserve your spot there is a 50 € deposit,
  • Session in either English or French,
  • No information will be recorded, filmed or published without your advance permission and your privacy & anonymity guaranteed.

Next session(s)

If you wish to do this course on other dates please let me know as this can be organised.

DOUELLE (near Cahors, in person) : 4 pers.

Coming soon.

ONLINE ``Journey of the Soul with the Tarot`` (22 Arcana)

Saturday, 16 July – 9am to 1pm – (via Skype or ZOOM)

Learn about the Journey of the Soul we live on earth with the 22 Major Arcana Tarot Rider Waite cards.
You will also learn what each card represents as a situation and personality, as well as 3 spreads to help yourself and others.
Initiation: 4 hours
Cost: 60 euros booklet included


Please note I make no recommendation, promise or guaranty. Nor do I make any disagnostic or prognosis, and I treat no particular health issue. Your medical treatment and your health monitoring remains your responsability. Even if you inquire about alternative methods, that are not recognised, do not wait to make an appointment with your medical practitioners who they alone can take charge of your diagnosis and treatment. These sessions I propose do not in any way subsistute the advice or treatment provided by health professionals.


“Each moment has its glory, each day wakes us even more, each being propels us…
towards the immensity of our heart.”