Chantal Anders | Soins et messages de l'Univers

When the heart speaks to us

When people have health problems concerning the heart we can immediately ask what is it that is laying heavy on your heart that may be causing you to feel broken and blocked?

Before a person comes for a session QHHT Hypnosis (BQH, Introspective Hypnosis or a Guidance reading) I will connect to source and be given the coulour of the chakra we will be working on that day for the person.

When it is the heart the colour is green.

The heart is always about love.

And green is also about healing.

Healing onself, abilities to heal others, the healing that is needed.

Forgiveness often comes up in the session and why it was and is so difficult to put it past. Often this includes family and relationship issues. Though not only in this current life – but very often in past lives as well.

And we also ask how can we love ourselves more and use our love in service for others today?

This may be helping others heal, to use the gift of energy in our hands, the creativity we all possess in a unique and special way.

So we go on this journey together deep within, beyond time and space to where the soul will show us the origins and thus bring understanding and release.

Take the time and connect to your heart, while quietly in meditation, and ask “What are you trying to communicate to me about my life today?”