Your heart knows the way.


QHHT® Past Life Regression

Since 2013 I have the joy of facilitating QHHT® (level 2) sessions Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, the method created and developed by Dolores Cannon. The session will understand your life path and discover the answers for your personal fulfilment and wellbeing.


Dolores Cannon

Renowned author of books which speak of our existence within the universe: “The Convoluted Universe (Books 1 to 5)“, “Gardiens de la Terre“, “The Three Waves of Volunteers” among many others ? Dolores is known as a hypnotherapist, researcher and reporter of planetary and intergalaxy progress and happenings, to help not only the person on their path – but to help us, humanity as a whole, understand our mission on earth in relation to the universe.

The session

COST : €245 • Duration: 5-6 hours

​We begin the session by talking about you and your life up until today (approx. 2 hours) and what you are looking to change and heal. We will then look at your list of questions (which you have previously filled out).

​In a beautiful state of trance you will then be guided by your soul to an appropriate past life/lives which concerns your life today, followed by a visit to the other side and connection with your Super Conscious.

​We will then speak directly asking for answers to all your questions about your existence that we will
be looking to heal and understand, for example:

  • Your life purpose
  • Your gifts and abilities to create the life you wish
  • The reasons for which you find yourself in certain repeating patterns and situations today
  • Releasing the past and old wounds
  • Soothing of physical pains
  • Communication with your Guardian Angel
  • Messages from your loved ones who have passed
  • Your lessons and soul contracts with others
  • Help to stop smoking and other addictions

Surrogate Healing
(for one or two people close relations)

After all your personal questions have been answered we can also ask for a surrogtate healing for a member of your family, your partner, or a close friend. (The day of our session please ensure that the person receiving the surrogate healing has given their permission and is resting calmly).

Soul Speak
Session: 2h • €111 (option)

The Soul Speak session (a training I learned by Julia Cannon, Dolores Cannon’s daughter) allows you understand the messages your soul is trying to communicate to you through the problems your body is experiencing.

I connect to your energy field as we discuss the problems you are having and together we unlock the origine and what actions need to be taken.

This session is ideal if you would like to understand your physical problems before doing a full QHHT session.

For more details please, contact-me.

Practical Information

  • A 70€ deposit by cheque is required and will only be cashed after the session. If you need to reschedule please contact me at least 10 days beforehand except in cases of force majeure to set a new date,
  • I am a member of Dolores Cannon’s Official Association «QHHT Official» and follow the method & teachings as taught by Dolores Cannon and adhere to her ethical chart,
  • I am also an active member of the International Quantum Healers community,
  • The session will be recorded on your USB stick to listen to regularly so as to continue the work afterwards,
  • In compliance with the QHHT® method, the session is in-person only,
  • I propose sessions in English and French,
  • No information will be recorded, filmed or published without your advance permission and your privacy & anonymity guaranteed.


QHHT® Group Discovery Workshop

I begin by explaining this wonderful method for 15 minutes, followed by four beautiful meditations. You will be lying on your back during the session so please bring a blanket (floor mats are provided).

Please also bring with you paper and a pen to note information after each meditation. You are not obliged to share the information you receive during the meditations.

You will be guided by your soul to:

  • Visit a past life
  • Meet your guardian angel/your spirit guide
  • Visit a future existence
  • A healing meditation + contact for answers to 2 of your questions

The Discovery Workshop is not the same as a complete QHHT session. The Discovery Workshop will help you understand how this beautiful method works, to have contact with your soul – and is very helpful to prepare those who wish to have an individual QHHT session.

Next sessions

Toulouse (in person - Espace Allegria) : 6 pers. min.

Please contact me if you would like me to organise a group in English in Toulouse.


LUZECH (20 km from Cahors, in person) : 3 pers. min.

Contact me to book a slot. To hold a group session there needs to be a minimum of 4 people.

Cost :  40€ per person


Please note I make no recommendation, promise or guaranty. Nor do I make any disagnostic or prognosis, and I treat no particular health issue. Your medical treatment and your health monitoring remains your responsability. Even if you inquire about alternative methods, that are not recognised, do not wait to make an appointment with your medical practitioners who they alone can take charge of your diagnosis and treatment. These sessions I propose do not in any way subsistute the advice or treatment provided by health professionals.


“Each moment has its glory, each day wakes us even more, each being propels us…
towards the immensity of our heart”