When the stomach speaks to us

When we have a health problem concerning the stomach we can ask:

  • What do I have trouble digesting in my life?
  • Do I have confidence in myself?
  • Do I allow myself to be happy and if not what do I need to let go of and release?
  • What do I need to do to take back my own power on earth and in the divine?

When source communicates to me before a session (Hypnosis or guidance) the colour yellow for the person I understand we have a situation where there is a need to accept and digest, a question about happiness and power in the person’s life.

At times there is also an issue of addiction (example: a history of alocholism in the family which for the person can mean an addiction to sugar).

The solar plexus chakra can be healed with a Citrine crystal, being outside in the sun, listening to the body, and inviting “the sweetness of life” into life.

Listen to your stomach through your intuition: For example if your stomach is in knots, listening to know what food to eat and the times when it is best to leave your stomach to rest.

When we look to the origins of stomach problems we are often led to ask “To whom do I give my power away to and why? – (reasons from childhood/past life events that effect us today example: stomach injury from a past war, poison etc.) – When did this addiction start and where does it come from? – What am I trying to control and why? – What do I need to do to take my power back in my life?”

Each of us have beautiful gifts and abilities.

Perhaps your life mission is to help others find self-confidence. Perhaps also, without you realising it, your smile and love of life helps others already.

During a session we will travel together and discover the origins and free you.

Take the time and connect to your stomach, quietly in meditation and ask your stomach “What do I have difficulty digesting in my life today?”