Chantal Anders | Soins et messages de l'Univers

The Source says… we are always with you

We are here to heal you and guide you.

How you decide to behave as a human is up to you.

We are always here ready to give you inspiration and love with our (us all as one) light.

Never forget who you are because you are always part of us. And if you stray we always have your back.

Yes you are accountable in the world – and other worlds and galaxies beyond for your actions.

Yet it is always to guide you back within and towards the source you hold.

If I were to tell you, that each and everyone of you could do the same as the great leaders. That you have these very same capacities to be a guide and healer to all you would not believe it.

It is true though.

We each of us have the choice to connect and be in the light. Or to stray and doubt and experience that which teaches us and others.

This latter is the « bad » you say. But you are learning. Never doubt this, nor forget.

Each of us are pillars for the rest, us as all one.

It is learning, then teaching, then learning again. We are all constantly in each of our cells amassing information for the Grand Collective.

We are with you always and we love you.

Call upon on us when you need our guidance and we will reply to you.

Be true to who you are and who you want to be.

The Source…