What your body is saying…

Your soul talks to you, through your body, to get your attention. Listen.

I have learned certain signs our bodies send us when something isn’t right & there is a need for awareness and changes to be made in our lives.

Here are some examples…

Headaches…. Too many whirlwinds in your mind/too much thinking/too much stress/an old wound to the head (past life and/or present life). A need to connect to your heart (instead of your mind).

Breasts…. Problem with nurturing oneself/problem with a mother figure – either not enough love – or a love that is too intense/stifling.

Eyes… What is it you do not want to look at – in self or with others?

Ears… Refusing to listen/hear others and oneself.

Skin problems (eczema demangeaison etc.)… not feeling secure in your environment, unresolved problems with family, too much energy that needs to be channeled, could be a past life where one was burned. Need to find one’s place in life (identity & security) and to feel confident in oneself.

Back… Carrying too much responsibility and feeling it is all down to you to do.

Strange noises/Tinnitus….Ascending energetically. Your vibratory rate is becoming higher.

Throat/Thryroid…. A need to express your truth. Communication problems.

Teeth problems… Anger that needs to be expressed.

Heart/Lung….Affective issues, feeling a lack of love, not expressing your heart in all senses of the word, not breathing in the love of life and present moment.

Stomach…. Trouble disgesting things in life.

Constipation… Refusing/not wanting to let go.

Diarrhea… Your body is trying to eliminate that which is bad for your.

Kidneys… Toxicity in your life you need to get rid of.

Legs (hips, knees, feet)….Not going in the direction your heart and soul wish for. It is time to take your own special place in life (your own, not the one others demand of you).

Circulation… A need to let life circulate, to accept and live life.

Bladder/colon (men)… An unresolved problem with a mother figure, a fear of financial lack.

Colon (women)... An unresolved problem with a father figure, a fear of financial lack.

Ovaries….Fertility problems (not just for having children). There is very often a creativity block in one’s life. To use one’s creativity/to create that which you want in your life.

Left side of the body…..the past (childhood and/or past life) + problem with a mother/women/the past

Right side of the body… the present + problem with a father/men/the present

Cancer…. Unresolved anger (i.e. if in throat do to not having spoken etc.).

Leukemia….The person is « making bad blood ».

Of course there is also the environment, the food we eat and what we have decided to have as challenges in life before we reincarnated.

Sometimes the child’s soul decides to experience cancer to help their family overcome the fear of illness and death.

At times we have health issues for karmic reasons (to learn and address previous past life errors), or just to have the learning experience.

Often the reasons are multiple (perhaps the person was strangled for speaking out in a past life, or had a knee accident, or was shot in the head during a war).

These type of soul memories need to be understood then released with love for the lesson they brought. Then we need to make appropriate changes in our life.